"Finding your way in a city
is no big deal.
But getting lost in a city,,
as in a forest,
needs to be learned".

Walter Benjamin

(Tiergarten, A childhood in Berlin)

From the vertiginous heights of the skyscrapers under construction to the depths of the subway, from political meetings to popular dance halls, should they be journalist, mayor or cab driver, the Nordestinos introduce us to "their" São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world with its 16 million inhabitants.

They came to São Paulo, in the south of the country, to escape drought in the North or to make their fortune. Or they came simply to work because the "wonder south" holds the major part of the economical and industrial activities in Brazil.

With a guitar or a tambourine, like everyday life columnists, the Nordestino repentistas improvise rhymes and sung poetry on the spot, seeking inspiration in their audience's concerns.


Saudade do Futuro borrows the Nordestino's eyes to see São Paulo, and their voices to sing the city.


The urban cacophony mixes with music, and the repentes, forerunners of rap music, tell us the south-American megalopolis with humor and rhymes.